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Preparing an Area for a Picnic Table

Do you have a picnic table but no special place for it? If your picnic table is just placed in the lawn you should consider building an area to place the table on. If you build an area with pavers, bricks, or a wood deck you do not have to drag the table to another spot every time you cut your grass. If your picnic table is large it can be frustrating dragging it around not to mention the damage you are causing to the lawn as well as the table. Building a spot to place your table will not only eliminate this, it will give the area a nicer look.


The common size of a picnic table will be from 4 to 10 feet. The size will also be determined by the design. The most common is the classic picnic table that is shaped like a rectangle - DIY Picnic Table Construction Steps Here -. The next most common is the octagon picnic table; although it is more difficult to build the extra steps required are worth it. The spot for the table will be determined by the size of your table. The most common size that will fit most tables is an area that is 10 feet by 10 feet.

Begin by preparing the area regardless of what you are going to use to build. You want an area that will have some shade. Next clean all the debris, remove any grass, and level the area. When this is done add a layer of gravel to give it good drainage. If you are building a wood deck type area use pressure treated wood that comes in contact with the ground. If you are using pavers or bricks add sand and next install the pavers or bricks. Research on the design you want to go with. There are many ways bricks and pavers can be laid out to make unique designs.

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